6 Tips for Hiring a Marine Pest Control Service

6 Tips for Hiring a Marine Pest Control Service

We share a lot of lake space with our little eight-legged friends. Hundreds of spider webs can pop up overnight and give the impression of a neglected marina. While we certainly don’t want to get rid of spiders altogether, it is nice to keep their presence to a minimum in and around your marina.

Hiring a marine pest control service can be viewed as a value-added service to slip renters. Boat owners will be able to spend more time on the water and you’ll have happy customers and a clean and well-maintained dock. Everyone wins!

Slip renters will appreciate not having to take extra time eradicating spider webs. They’ll also appreciate spending less time cleaning bug-related filth off their boats, especially since spider and other insect droppings can contain certain enzymes that actually have the ability to cause permanent damage to a boat’s finish and canvas.

A professional will also eliminate the need for you or slip renters to use harmful chemicals in the removal and spraying process. Many managed waterways have strict rules about what kinds of chemicals can be used on boats and docks. If you hire a professional, you don’t have to worry about slip renters who may be unaware of the rules using chemicals that may be harmful to the environment.

So, what should you look for in a Pest Control Service?

  1. They should offer a regularly scheduled maintenance plan.
  2. Look for a company that provides larvicidal, insecticidal, and repellant treatments.
  3. Are they eco-friendly? Most environmentally friendly plant-based insecticides use a combination of essential oils and spices.
  4. Ask for proof of insurance.
  5. Ask for a copy of their pest control license and/or certifications and make sure these are up to date.
  6. Contact agencies like the Better Business Bureau, your State Department of Agriculture, the EPA, or the Attorney General’s office to determine if any complaints have been filed.

Once you hire a marine pest control service, they will spray the entire dock with plant-based insecticides. Depending on the climate, re-application may take place every 3-6 weeks.

Both you and your customer will reap the benefits of hiring a marine pest control service. You can say goodbye to the daily endless hours of removing spider webs, cleaning stains from decks, handrails, and fixtures. And your customers can spend more time on the water and less time getting their boat clean and ready to go.

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