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Dock Renovations Lake Geneva WI

Dock Renovations Lake Geneva WI

As you approach your dock, are fully confident in its structural integrity? Does your dock still look visually appealing and add value to your property? Here are a few indications to watch for that you’re probably overdue for Dock Renovations Lake Geneva WI:

-You suspect that walking on your aging dock may not be safe. Perhaps there is not necessarily a problem with the appearance of your boat dock. However, it may not feel quite as structurally sound and safe as it was back when you first installed it. Potentially, that could end up causing a significant problem. If your boat dock makes a lot of creaking sounds as you walk on it, that indicates it could be structurally compromised and in need of Dock Renovations Lake Geneva WI. A new boat dock, installed by the experts at Maricorp, will make safety a priority once again.

It’ll provide you with renewed confidence and peace of mind as you walk upon and use your dock.

-Your boat dock is warping and cracking in different areas. Take a moment to step away from it and give your dock a thorough visual assessment. Are there a few boards with large cracks that run through their midsection? Similarly, do you notice some of the boards are warping and beginning to lose their initial shape or maybe even appear as though they might break and fall away at any time? If you do spot any of those warning signs, don’t delay any longer to give us a call for Dock Renovations Lake Geneva WI, Warped, cracked boards will keep getting worse with time and affect the appearance and general safety of your boat dock.

-Signs of rot. If your existing dock is manufactured with wood and it’s been there for a long time, the years of exposure to moisture can take a major toll on its structural soundness over the years. When moisture is permitted to penetrate deeply into the wood, eventually it will begin to cause rotting. After first installing a dock, most boat owners are usually diligent about applying a sealant on it for protection against the elements. But over time, those efforts may diminish and weather and moisture will inevitably result in rotting on the deck, which signifies the need for Dock Renovations Lake Geneva WI or replacement.

-There are areas of mildew, algae and moss growth on your boat dock. Has it been some time since your boat dock received a professional cleaning and maintenance appointment? If so, there’s a fairly good chance that you might spot moss and mildew appearing on the surface. A combination of shade plus moisture can lead to this. If there is only a limited amount of growth occurring, it’s usually possible to just wash it off the dock. If it appears to be overtaking the whole surface of your boat dock, then more effective steps will be necessary. Algae, mildew and moss can contain moisture and cause rot to spread on a wood deck.

-The dock’s foundation is weakening. Permanent boat docks are typically supported by sturdy pilings driven deep into a foundation in the ground. With proper installation, they should remain in place without issue for a long time. As time passes, the pilings in some instances may start to lose their durability. In the event that you are beginning to suspect there’s a problem with the pilings and support structure of your boat dock, act soon and contact Maricorp Our experienced engineering staff can assess your dock and help you determine if renovations will restore durability or if replacement is necessary.

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