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Dock Repair Delavan Lake WI

Dock Repair Delavan Lake WI

It is perfectly normal for boat docks to show indications of wear and tear as they get older. Yet how are dock owners to know when theirs has arrived at the end of its service life? Knowing the differences between when Dock Repair Delavan Lake WI will be sufficient or when replacement is the more cost-effective solution isn’t always obvious.

In some situations, repairing a dock is an option that can restore it to safe and usable condition for a few more seasons. But in other situations, a dock may be too deteriorated and beyond repair. In either case, read on to learn a few of the common signs that you should call Maricorp for an inspection so our technicians can recommend if Dock Repair Delavan Lake WI or replacement is the right choice for you.

-Warps and cracks on the supports. The pressure of currents and powerful waves can cause your dock’s structure to bend and warp. In addition, the impact of a vessel colliding into a dock that’s not correctly outfitted with bumpers can result in damage to the structural supports. If the damage is bad enough, the supports might even start to break apart. If you’re noticing that your dock supports are bent, take action right away and schedule Dock Repair Delavan Lake WI soon.

Repairs might be possible in the event that the cracks are on individual support beams only. In that case, our Dock Repair Delavan Lake WI technicians may be able to replace them and restore adequate support to your dock, If the cracks are affecting larger areas of the dock, complete replacement will probably be necessary.

-Foundational damages. If a boat dock’s foundation is deteriorating it can be very hazardous, Any signs of cracking are a sign that immediate assessment is warranted to ensure it’s not a warning sign of a broader and more problematic issue. A compromised foundation is a red flag that the dock almost certainly requires replacement. Because the foundation is what supports the whole dock structure, any major damage to it is dangerous. If you spot any large cracks on yours, be sure to call Maricorp to schedule our services.

-Rusty supports and platforms. It’s only natural that an accumulation of moisture will occur since the dock is continually exposed to water. Particularly with a metal dock, this moisture can eventually result in rust forming on the dock supports. This isn’t always cause for alarm. Individual components can be replaced through Dock Repair Delavan WI. If the rust is affecting a large part of the dock, however, replacing the boat dock may be overdue.

-Wood rot occurring in several areas of the dock. It’s not uncommon for some degree of rot to take place on a wooden dock, especially if it’s several years old. If the problem is limited to a smaller area, Dock Repair Delavan WI with fresh lumber is usually a fairly routine fix. However, when rot advances to many areas it may be simpler and make more economic sense to have our team install a new dock for you.

-Insufficient depth of the dock supports. Unless yours is a floating boat dock, its supports must be installed a minimum of four feet into the ground to provide enough stability. Changing water conditions may cause sand and rock beds to steadily erode, which makes that minimum depth difficult to retain. If you are not able to set your dock supports deep enough, give Maricorp a call for service. We can conduct an inspection and recommend either Dock Repair Delavan Lake WI or replacement.