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Dock Repair Lake Hamilton AR

Are there still some years remaining for your boat dock, does it need Dock Repair Lake Hamilton AR or is probably at the end of its lifespan? Knowing the differences between a dock that is repairable and a dock that’s ready for replacement will help you save time, expense and ensure your boat remains safe and reliable. Start by looking for signs of:

-Excessive rust or rotting. While smaller problem areas are often treatable, rust and wood rot become a major problems when spread out over all or most of the deck.

-Foundation damages. Without a dependable, sturdy foundation, a boat dock becomes unstable and can present a safety hazard.

This sort of issue is frequently the result of long-term exposure to water and underwater elements. A useful guideline is if you are not able to install the dock’s support posts a minimum of four into the ground, it’s probably not safe for use.

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A Few Tips on Fixing Coming Boat Dock Problems

Rust staining. If your dock consists of a combination of metal and wood, you’re going to be on the lookout for signs of rust. There are some homemade, basic remedies for tackling rust staining like dish soap or vinegar. For more difficult stains, you might need to use commercial grade rust removers.

-Bending and warping. You should conduct a close inspection of the structure of the boat dock for indications of bending and warping at the beginning of the boating season. While it’s sometimes possible to flatten affected boards with clamp, replacing them is usually easier.
Discoloration. Is your formerly attractive hardwood deck turning gray despite your efforts to keep it in good condition? A re-staining will restore its original aesthetic – just don’t forget to clean up any excess oils when you’re done.