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Dock Repair Lake Monona WI

Dock Repair Lake Monona WI

Is your boat dock beginning to feel and look worn and dated? Are your dock’s materials a ragtag collection of old and new wooden boards used as replacements for others lost to decay? Have many years of wave motion and currents cause warping, leaving your dock uneven and possibly even unsafe?

In some situations, a deterioration pushes a boat dock to a point that is beyond realistic repair. A dock that hits that stage may be unstable and hazardous, where just one misstep could result in injury. But in other instances, professional Dock Repair Lake Monona WI is a good option that could prolong your dock’s lifespan. Recognizing the differences between a dock that is repairable and one than is not can be tricky – call our Dock Repair Lake Monona WI team for a consultation about your dock so we can help you make the right decision.

-Dock supports showing signs of warping or cracking. Materials used in the construction of boat docks can range from wood and metal to composites. Depending on which one is used, waves and currents can warp your structure due to the continual pressure and eventually cause it them crack. Running watercraft into the structures while docking is also a common cause of cracked and damaged supports.

If cracks are fairly minor and limited to a few areas on the dock, replacing the affected boards and doing Dock Repair Lake Monona WI may be sufficient, depending upon the material. But if load-bearing sections of the structure show significant breakage, it’s probably in your best interests to replace the dock to restore structural strength. If a collision caused the damage, consider the installation of posts along the perimeter of the dock to serve as a protective barrier.

-Extensive rot and deterioration. It is not unusual for wooden boat docks to succumb to some rot over the years. Fungus in the water can cause dry rot which, in turn, causes dock materials to start decaying and crumble. If you’re observing this on your dock you could remove the affected boards and replace them. However, total dock replacement is usually recommended if rot is widespread over the structure.

-Damage to the platform or foundation. Some docks are installed with the support of posts and underwater foundation supportive systems. Those type of docks offer the convenience of quick surface repair and reliable stability in the majority of water conditions. Erosion or damage to the foundation can present a problem.

Specialty equipment may be necessary to assess foundation damage as well as to perform Dock Repair Lake Monona WI. Foundational problems call for immediate solutions and any cracks require further inspection of the boat dock materials.

Any docks consisting of metal parts have a chance of developing rust when exposed for long periods of time to water. Smaller areas of rust can be fixed or may need replacement of specific parts.

-The posts cannot be set securely. Unless yours is a floating dock, the supports that hold it up must be deep into the ground. The minimum depth is usually four feet to ensure lasting stability. Fluctuations in water conditions may cause erosion of the lake floor over time, though, which make the four-foot minimum depth difficult. If you are not able to install the supports with the use of a vacuum pump, changing your dock for a new floating structure might be advisable.

To avoid prevent the need to replace your boat dock, remember to continually check and maintain it regularly. Replace any rotted wood boards with treated, quality lumber, apply sealant to the dock at least once every year. Also lubricate metal components to stop rust.

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