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Dock Repair Lake of the Ozarks MO

Dock Repair Lake of the Ozarks MO

Contact MariCorp U.S. to schedule Dock Repair Lake of the Ozarks MO to resolve problems like:

-The support posts are compromised. Does your current dock system have support posts that were installed many years ago? The posts must be planted 4 feet deep at a minimum in order for sufficient stability for the structure. Erosion is a common factor that can make it difficult to plant the posts to a safe depth. A floating dock may be the better option.

-Signs of mold and deterioration. When you initially installed or purchased your lakefront dock system, you probably kept it as clean as possible. But over time it can be difficult to keep up with maintenance and docks can become susceptible to mildew, algae and mold. If it’s getting to the point where it’s a challenge to thoroughly clean your dock’s platform, it’s time for repairs or replacement. Otherwise, the structure will continue to deteriorate. Also, mold and algae are a slip and fall hazard that make boat decks less safe.

-Your dock is not longer meeting your needs. Perhaps you started off with a smaller vessel when you first installed the dock. But now you’ve invested in a larger craft and the size and layout of your existing dock can’t adequately accommodate it. Our team can design and perform renovations that will fit your current requirements.

Upgrading your dock with MariCorp U.S. is a breeze! Our team of expert designers and installers can help you select a dock that’s ideal for your location and boating needs. Take a moment to look through our site and check out the many successful projects we’ve done for customers throughout the Midwest. We use top quality, durable materials – you won’t need to stress about dock repair or replacement for years to come!

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