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Dock Repair Lake Vermilion MN

Dock Repair Lake Vermilion MN

Schedule repair right away if your boat dock is showing:

-Loose, unstable decking. The deck is a critical component of boat lifts. It’s the surface on which the boats dock and where boaters and guests walk upon. Often, they are manufactured from aluminum or wood. On account of the heavy loads they support while boats are docked, the deck can become loosened. Inspect your dock’s decking regularly to check for signs of this occurring.

A damaged, compromised deck increases risks of injury if someone were to step through an opening.

If you are able to do so, hammer down any loosened boards as a short term solution and then call MariCorp to schedule Dock Repair Lake Vermilion MN.

-Rotting wood. Wood is a material commonly utilized in the manufacture of docks. However, it doesn’t necessarily hold up that well when continually exposed to water. Over time, the water will steadily eat away at the surface and soak deep into the wood. Consequently, this can lead to rotting.

-Bending and warping. With respect to older metal docks, warping is a fairly common occurrence due to the powerful forces the structure endures from the water. Over the passage of time they might begin to bend toward the opposite directions of the waves. That can become a potential risk of injury because it affects the stability of the platform.

With wood decks, the water might cause weaken joints to dislodge out of proper position. If you see any wood planks sticking outwards on a deck that otherwise should be flat and level, hammer them down and then reinforce it an additional layer over the top to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

For professional Dock Repair Lake Vermilion MN, contact MariCorp U.S. today at 877-858-DOCK.