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Dock Repair Norfork Lake AR

Dock Repair Norfork Lake AR

With correct installation and consistent upkeep, boat dock should be reliable, safe and aesthetically appealing for many years of hassle-free use and enjoyment. However, the accumulative stressors from the forces of nature or damages from accidental collisions can seriously affect the safety of a dock structure.

If your dock was struck by a vessel or sustained damage from a weather event, MariCorp U.S. is ready with replacement and Dock Repair Norfork Lake AR components you’ll need.

Was your dock struck by a boat or personal watercraft? If you suspect it was, look for:

-Posts that appear cracked or bent.
-Any connectors like brace, corner, bumper or side brackets that are compromised and need replacement.
-Support components that are bent or cracked.
-Whether your dock remains in position throughout the year or it is removed at the end of the boating season, regularly inspect it for cracked or worn parts.
-Look at the anchoring posts for signs of damage due to ice. Sheets of ice can cause a dock that remains in the lake to shift around.
-Inspect not just the exposed parts but the submerged parts, too.

A Few Tips on Keeping Your Dock Clean

A thorough cleaning is recommended at least once yearly to ensure your dock remains in top condition. Organic growths, grime and dirt all can undermine a dock’s structural integrity. Clean any gaps, scrub away stains and check for indications of wear. While cleaning your dock system, use non-corrosive cleaner solutions like baking soda, environmentally friendly soap or water-based dishwasher detergents.

Wash the dock’s surfaces with a brush or a scrubbing attachment and low-pressure water. Avoid using harsh cleaning products such as ammonia and phosphorus.

When you need Dock Repair Norfork Lake AR, call MariCorp U.S. at 877-858-DOCK.