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Dock Repair Old Hickory Lake TN

Dock Repair Old Hickory Lake TN

If you own or manage a boat dock on the shores of any of the scenic lakes in Tennessee, you already know the joy it can provide to the waterfront community. Docks are not just used as a place for storing and launching boats and watercraft, but they are also ideal as a location where people can get together and enjoy nature. With a lot of use, however, a boat dock can begin to show some indications of wear and tear. When necessary Dock Repair Old Hickory Lake TN is postponed too long, they can present a serious risk to anyone using it. There are a few warnings to watch for, including:

-Finger ends drooping. If you’re noticing that the “fingers” on your boat dock look like there drooping into the lake, it’s a sign that they’re probably not adequately stable to walk on. Since they are used practically every time you step off or onto your vessel, they should rest at a height that’s even to the main dock in order to make it easily accessible for your passengers to exit watercraft safely. Likewise, if you detect the fingers are getting loose or starting to wobble it’s a sign there is broken or loose hardware that’s causing excessive play.

This, too, is another alert of the need for repairs right away before other parts of the dock or even your boat sustains further damage.

-Cracks and splits on fascia. The fascia serves as a primary structural support for your boat dock. When you notice damage like cracks forming on it, it’s critical to schedule Dock Repair Old Hickory Lake TN as soon as you can. When the fascia is compromised, the rest of the structure becomes vulnerable.

-Areas of rot on the beams. The beams are what form the all-important foundation of your boat dock. If they start to succumb to rot they will soon become vulnerable to damage. Basically, the weaker the beams get it means the weaker the dock gets. Every beam is vital to the general structural integrity of your dock and requires Dock Repair Old Hickory Lake TN or replacement as soon as spot signs of rot or decay.

-Fascia sits too low on the water. If the fascia sits low and droop over the water, it removes an essential protective aspect for the dock. This indicates there’s no longer adequate flotation it and the need for prompt Dock Repair Old Hickory Lake TN. This may be the result of failing flotation or saturation of the boat dock. As it gets lower and lower into the water, the dock becomes more prone to wood rot that can eventually lead to structural failure.

-Loose deck boards. The decking boards typically are the most visible part of a dock. They’re used as a platform for walking, lounging and any other activity that occurs. When they get too loose, it poses a safety risk for dock users. Keeping them in acceptable condition and secure is one of the most vital steps to ensuring your dock stays safe.

-Connections have too much play. Loosened connections on a boat dock will inevitably compound any preexisting problems. Even though lake waters are usually on the calmer side, anything from fascia damages to unnecessary damage to your vessel can occur when there’s too much movement at important connection points. Plus, instability can make it harder to stand and retain balance on your dock.
-Cleats too loose. This can be a sign the boards underneath are deteriorating or there is play in the structural components of the dock. When cleats are not secure, it increases the chance your boat will continually strike the dock.

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