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Dock Repair Yankton South Dakota

Dock Repair Yankton South Dakota

If you own a floating dock, you’ll want to get familiar with the telltale signs that inform you it’s time to schedule Dock Repair Yankton South Dakota. The warnings can range from fairly minor to significant and in some cases may necessitate replacement of the whole dock. In either case, catching and acting upon the signs early is critical to prevent any damage from worsening.

If you notice any of the following, call MariCorp for assistance. Our talented engineers and technicians can restore you dock to good condition.

-Finger ends are drooping or getting loose. Drooping often indicates that a dock float is not stable and probably not safe to walk on. A floating dock should be at a height that even to the main dock to enable people to easily access their watercraft.

If the fingers are loose or wobbling it may indicate a broken component. Or, a structural element of the dock also may be loose. Schedule Dock Repair Yankton South Dakota soon before any other parts your dock sustain further damage.

-Areas or rot on the beams. Because beams serve as the foundation of the dock, the onset of rot means damage is far more likely. To preserve your dock’s structure, it’s essential to fix or replace any beams that are rotting or otherwise affected.

-Cleats are loose. Cleats out of place with screws that are protruding are a sign the boards are probably starting to rot from underneath. This can increase the risk that your boat will begin banging and rubbing against the dock. In foul weather, powerful winds can even tear loose cleats off the dock.

-Decking boards are loose. This is typically easy to detect. Because you walk on them it is important to address any compromised decking boards. Once they get loose or out of proper position it risks creating a safety problem.