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Marina Design Kentucky Lake

Marina Design Kentucky Lake

Boat owners invest in their watercraft to enjoy time on the water with their friends and family. But just because boats are built to remain in the water as they are being used and enjoyed, does not necessarily mean they should remain in the water 24/7 when not in use. When a boat never gets out of water, it can become more susceptible to problems like corrosion due to algae exposure. This is an example of the benefits to adding boat lifts to your Marina Design Kentucky Lake.

If taking out their vessels out for a day or when the opening of the boating season is becoming a challenge physically, it can result in boaters going to the marina less frequently, which is not a positive development for marina owners and managers. Along with encouraging more continued use, the benefits of installing boat lifts to your marina slips include:

-Boat lifts help to minimize hull damage during storms and periods of rough waters.
-Safeguards against deterioration and unappealing signs of corrosion.
-Add convenience and comfort for on-boarding and off-loading processes.
-Can help to lower boat upkeep costs.
-Marina Design Kentucky Lake that includes boat lifts can help extend the lifespan of boat paint jobs and the general visual appeal of the boats at your marina.

For those who reside in climates where average temperatures are on the warmer side, boaters are able to get out on the water more frequently than those who are in seasonal environments. While boat owners in Midwestern or northern states eagerly anticipate the summertime when they’ll be able to use their vessels often, those in warm states are able to go boating practically all year long.

However, regardless of how frequently you may use your boat, imagine the simplicity and convenience of pressing a button to lift or lower your vessel into or out of its slip. Boat lifts as part of a Marina Design Kentucky Lake provides a simple and accessible way of enjoying boating without the physical challenge of pulling the boat out of the water with use of a trailer, particularly when it is loaded with gear and at maximum weight.

Important advantages to adding quality boat lifts to your marina dock or slip include greater stability while docking watercraft and consistent “breaks” for the hulls of the boats at your facility. In addition, there’s also the peace of mind that comes from enjoying your boat more often on the water and worrying much less about it when it’s not in the water.

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About Kentucky Lake

Formed by the creation of the Kentucky Dam, Kentucky Lake is the biggest manmade lake in the entire eastern USA. The dam serves to back up the Tennessee River for over 180 miles, which creates the lake that extends south over the western edge of Kentucky. At maximum standard operating levels, Kentucky Lake spans over 160,300 acres and has 2,300 miles of idyllic shoreline.

In addition to the all of the boating and recreational activities that Kentucky Lake offers, the Kentucky Dam is a very important project in other ways, too. Primarily because it allows the Tennessee Valley Authority to help control flooding on the lower Mississippi and Ohio rivers, forms the gateway of the Tennessee River waterways and also is a significant generating plant facility for the area’s power system.

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