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Marina Design Lake of the Ozarks MO

Marina Design Lake of the Ozarks MO

After the excitement of installing a new dock, it’s also important to practice regular maintenance to ensure it remains in optimal condition. Whether you’re the manager of large commercial marina with multiple docks or you a residential dock at your Ozarks home for the family vessel, it’s important to take good care of your investment. Maintaining your dock now will help you to avoid more expensive repairs later on. In addition, it will reduce the risk of accidents due to deteriorating surfaces.

Prolonging the lifespan of your docks is surprisingly convenient with the right supplies and know-how. The first factor to take into account is what type of decking materials you have.

If you haven’t installed your dock, now is the right time to review the maintenance time you’ll be able to dedicate to it. Consult with the Marina Design Lake of the Ozarks MO team at MariCorp about our dock installation services and which type of dock would be right for your location.

-Steel. A key advantage of steel is without a doubt its strength. Boat docks manufactured from galvanized steel offer exceptional durability for your Marina Design Lake of the Ozarks MO , which makes them perfect for those who regularly use their docks. Chemically-treated, galvanized pilings and steel docks can last for many years after professional installation by Marina Design Lake of the Ozarks MO experts from MariCorp. The strength of steel means it’s able to maintain its structure and form longer than aluminum.

-Pressure treated wood. While this material is cost-effective, it can also require a lot of upkeep. It’s important to seal this wood with marine-grade products to avoid rotting and keep moisture out.

-Composite decking. Manufactured from a combination of natural fibers, plastics and wood, composite decks offer resistance to moisture and insects. Some leading brands produce composite decking with a resin capping which shields the structure beneath from decay and mildew.

Since composites are not prone to the same issues as wood, they’re usually among the easiest to keep clean.

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Fixing Common Boat Dock Problems

Maintenance is important for preventing damage to your facility, but what about when damages do occur? Here are a few tips of how to manage some typical problems that can happen with docks:

-Rotting. Even with care and regular treatment, wood that’s in frequent contact with water can eventually show indications of rot sooner or later. Luckily, when you spot it early it’s a relatively quick fix. Replace smaller sections of rotting wood with newer wood right away to prevent more extensive problems from developing.

-Discoloration. A basic re-staining can restore a dock close to its original state, but be sure to clean away any excess stain after you finish.

-Rust forming. If your boat dock consists of a combination of metal and wood, you’ll want to monitor for signs of rusting. There are some homemade remedies to remove rust that can help such as dish soap or white vinegar. For more difficult stains, it might require commercial-grade rust remover products.

Repair or Replacement

Are there some years of service life remaining in your boat dock or is it about time to start planning for a new one? Knowing when a boat dock is fixable and when it’s due for replacement can help to save costs and prevent risks of injury. Watch for:

-Excessive rust or rot. While minor problems are usually treatable, rusting and rot become a serious issue if the damage spreads across the whole deck.

-Foundational damage. A dock can be unstable if its foundation is unstable and even present a safety hazard. Talk to a Marina Design Lake of the Ozarks MO representative if you suspect your dock is ready for replacement.