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Marina Design Near Kansas City KS

Marina Design Near Kansas City KS

When it comes to the boating lifestyle on lakes in Kansas, surges due to storms and tides are simply part of the picture.

If your sailboat or power boat remains unnecessarily in the water for lengthy periods of time, it will typically cause it to deteriorate more rapidly. That’s why installation of a boat like to safely move your vessels off the water is such asn important component of Marina Design Near Kansas City KS.

Maricorp has years of industry experience in the selection, configuring, installation and repair of dependable, high-quality boat lifts. We place a top priority on using only the best materials, so you can be assured we don’t use inadequate products. Hobbyists and longtime boaters alike depend on our seasoned Marina Design Near Kansas City KS for excellent results that last.

While our daily operations are based in Shell Knob, MO, we serve customers in surrounding states. For more information on our services, contact us online or call

Some varieties of boat lifts are manually operated while other varieties offer the convenience of remote control. Lifts can be built in to a structure or function as a freestanding unit. In either design, the hoists need protection against water and grime with a roof or covering.

If you are planning to enhance your current setup, our team might advise installing pulleys to boost its holding capacities. Some dock owners install guide posts to help in centering their vessels between the lift cables that perform the hoisting.

We are able to accommodate most any kind of commercial or residential boat lift install or repair. Get started on your next marina upgrade today and call us at 877-858-DOCK.