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Dock Renovations Lake Pleasant

Dock Renovations Lake Pleasant

Renovations for boat docks can span a wide array of enhancements that address safety, aesthetics, and practical purposes – all of which benefit the overall experience for boaters. If you are planning Dock Renovations Lake Pleasant, talk to Maricorp U.S. about:

Structural Improvements
Reinforcing the foundation that supports your dock by replacing old pilings, beams, and deck materials with new, more durable options will ensure a solid and safer structure that is able to withstand the elements for many boating seasons to come.

Safety Improvements
Installing new lights, adding non-slip coatings to walkways and access points along with sturdy new handrails at key areas can minimize safety hazards and create a secure location for boaters.

Incorporating ADA-compliant features and wheelchair-accessible ramps will help make it easier for boaters of all abilities comfortably and safely gain access to your dock in Morristown, AZ.