National Grilling Month at Your Marina
National Grilling Month at Your Marina

National Grilling Month at Your Marina

July is a month of sizzling grills, smoky aromas, and delicious flavors as it marks National Grilling Month. This celebration of outdoor cooking offers a chance to explore the history, social impacts, and myriad opportunities for marinas to engage with their communities and boost revenue.

The History of National Grilling Month

Grilling has long been a staple of American culture, symbolizing summer gatherings, family reunions, and neighborhood parties. The tradition of cooking over an open flame dates back to ancient times, but it gained modern popularity in the United States in the post-World War II era. Backyard barbecues became a hallmark of suburban life, and grilling evolved into a beloved pastime.

National Grilling Month was established to celebrate this rich history and to promote the joys of outdoor cooking. It encourages people to fire up their grills, try new recipes, and appreciate the communal aspect of grilling.

Social Impacts of Grilling

Grilling goes beyond merely preparing food; it brings people together. Whether it’s a small family cookout or a large community event, grilling fosters social interaction and strengthens bonds. Here are some ways grilling impacts society:

  • Community Building: Grilling events, like neighborhood barbecues, can create a sense of community. These gatherings offer a platform for people to connect, share stories, and build relationships.
  • Cultural Exchange: Grilling is practiced worldwide, with each culture bringing its unique flavors and techniques. National Grilling Month is an opportunity to explore and celebrate this diversity.
  • Health Benefits: Grilling can be a healthy cooking method, especially when it involves lean meats, vegetables, and proper techniques that reduce fat.

Opportunities for Marinas During National Grilling Month

Marinas are uniquely positioned to take advantage of National Grilling Month. With their scenic waterfront locations and community-oriented environments, marinas can offer a range of activities and promotions to celebrate this month.

  1. Hosting Grilling Events

Marinas can organize grilling competitions, cookouts, and themed events. These activities can attract both boat owners and local residents, creating a lively atmosphere and promoting the marina as a community hub.

SAFETY NOTE: Grilling with open flame should not be conducted on covered docks or anywhere near boats.  Limit grilling to lanside events or open docks specifically suited to such events.  If you are unsure, consult your local fire marshal when planning an event.  

  • Grilling Competitions: Invite local chefs and grill enthusiasts to compete in a barbecue cook-off. Offer prizes and recognition for the best dishes.
  • Themed Cookouts: Host cookouts with themes such as “Tropical Luau,” “Seafood Extravaganza,” or “Classic American BBQ.” These events can showcase different grilling styles and cuisines.
  1. Social Media Engagement


Leverage social media to promote National Grilling Month and your marina’s events. Share recipes, grilling tips, and highlights from past events to engage your audience.

  • Interactive Content: Create polls, contests, and challenges related to grilling. Encourage followers to share their grilling photos and experiences using a dedicated hashtag.
  • Live Streaming: Host live grilling demonstrations or Q&A sessions with local chefs. This can draw attention to your marina and provide valuable content for your audience.
  1. Revenue Generation


Grilling-related promotions and services can boost your marina’s revenue during National Grilling Month. Consider offering:

  • Grill Rentals and Supplies: Rent out grills to boaters and visitors. Sell grilling supplies such as charcoal, marinades, and utensils.
  • Food and Beverage Sales: Set up a concession stand or partner with local vendors to sell barbecue foods and drinks. Consider offering special menu items for the month.
  • Classes and Workshops: Host grilling classes or workshops. These can cover topics such as grilling techniques, recipes, and safety tips.
  1. Partnering with Local Businesses


Collaborate with local businesses to enhance your National Grilling Month celebrations. This can create a win-win situation, where both your marina and the businesses benefit from increased exposure and sales.

  • Local Restaurants and Chefs: Partner with local restaurants to provide catering for events or to host guest chefs for grilling demonstrations.
  • Retailers: Work with local retailers to offer discounts on grilling equipment and supplies for your marina’s customers.

Resources and Links

To make the most of National Grilling Month, consider exploring the following resources:

  • National BBQ News: A comprehensive source for barbecue news, recipes, and events.
  • GrillGrate: Offers tips, techniques, and products for better grilling.
  • The Barbecue Bible: A blog by grilling expert Steven Raichlen with recipes, how-tos, and product reviews.

These resources provide valuable information that can help enhance your grilling events and promotions.

Embracing the Spirit of National Grilling Month

National Grilling Month is an opportunity to celebrate the joys of outdoor cooking, foster community spirit, and boost your marina’s engagement and revenue. By hosting events, leveraging social media, offering promotions, and partnering with local businesses, marinas can create memorable experiences for their patrons and contribute to the vibrant culture of grilling.

In summary, National Grilling Month is not just about food; it’s about community, culture, and connection. Marinas, with their unique setting and community focus, are perfectly positioned to embrace this celebration and make the most of its opportunities. So, fire up those grills and join the festivities!


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