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New Dock Mississippi River

New Dock Mississippi River

Problems for boat docks on lakes and rivers can stem from:

Poor Quality Construction Materials
Choosing materials that are subpar quality during construction can result in premature wear and even structural problems. For example, using metal materials that are not corrosion-resistant can increase the risk of dock failures in Fort Madison, Iowa.

Improper Installation
Even high-quality materials, though, can lead to dock problems if they are not correctly installed by an experienced contractor. Count on Maricorp U.S. for expert design and installation of your next New Dock Mississippi River.

Impact from Vessels and Debris
Collisions that occur between boats and your dock, especially during powerful winds, can without a doubt cause some damage. Likewise, debris carried in by currents and waves can impact the dock’s supports.

Natural Factors
The Mississippi River is a dynamic ecosystem affected by natural processes. Erosion, fluctuating water levels and sediment accumulation can all impact the stability of boat docks.