Beyonder Marine


Beyonder Marine at Sterett Creek: Your Gateway to Aquatic Bliss

Nestled on the Harry S. Truman Reservoir’s shores in Warsaw, Missouri, Beyonder Marine at Sterett Creek stands as a beacon for water enthusiasts. Spanning 55,000 acres with 958 miles of shoreline, Truman Lake is a dream come true for fishing, sailing, and jet skiing fans.

Unparalleled Amenities Beyonder Marine is a treasure trove of conveniences tailored for boaters and visitors. With direct Truman Lake access, an on-site boat ramp, ample parking, and a range of boat rentals, it promises endless water adventures. Partnering with the esteemed MariCorp, Beyonder Marine has amplified its offerings. They established two 44-slip docks in 2018, a 24-slip in 2019, and another 44-slip in 2023.

Everything Under One Roof The marina’s store is a one-stop shop offering everything from boating essentials to camping gear. For those looking to linger, Beyonder Marine presents a variety of accommodations, from campsites to a motel, ensuring every visitor feels at home.

A Journey of Dedication Beyonder Marine at Sterett Creek isn’t just a destination; it’s a legacy. The marina, touched by Cathy and Ken Beyer’s passion, has overcome challenges to become a beloved haven. As Beyonder Marine steps forward, they vow to preserve its essence while infusing it with fresh vibrancy.

In a nutshell, Beyonder Marine at Sterett Creek is the embodiment of waterfront perfection.

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