Huckleberry Pond Fishing Dock

Hannibal, MO - Huckleberry Park Pond

The Hannibal Parks and Recreation Department renovated Huckleberry Pond in 2020, introducing a handicap-accessible dock, supplied by MariCorp and installed by Bleigh Construction, as part of the upgrade. The department also collaborated with Curryville Fisheries to replenish the pond with a diversified fish population.

The renovation rectified leakage issues by draining and excavating the pond and lining it with clay. Further, it was expanded and bolstered with stone riprap to combat erosion. In addition to the new dock, Bleigh constructed a sidewalk encircling the pond, augmenting the accessibility features.

The restocked fish initially included 18 pounds of fathead minnows, 900 bluegills, and 300 red-ear fish. Later on, bass and channel catfish were introduced. Travis Moore, a fisheries management biologist from the Missouri Department of Conservation, guided the fish selection. The public was granted fishing access in the spring of 2021, allowing a year for the fish to grow. Future fishing regulations, such as harvestable species, daily limits, and minimum length, will be formulated in consultation with Moore. (Hannibal Courier Post, 2020)

Before the renovation, the pond was restricted to catch-and-release fishing due to leakage problems and a scarcity of fish. The refurbished pond aims to provide a more engaging public fishing spot, supplementing Huckleberry Park's already diverse amenities like a playground, picnic area, sports courts, a ramp park, and an 18-hole disc golf course.

Reference: Hannibal Courier Post (2020) “Huckleberry Pond to debut as fishing spot in spring 2021,” Hannibal Courier Post [Preprint]. Available here.