Marquis Harbor Marina


Nestled along the serene banks of the Mississippi River is the Marquis Harbor Marina in Moline, Illinois. This marina is a favorite for boating enthusiasts and water lovers alike. Patrons of the marina enjoy boating up to the scenic Interstate 74 bridge spanning the river downstream. They can also enjoy cocktails, a beautiful sunset, live music, and casual dining at Catfish Charlie’s restaurant overlooking the marina. 

Marquis is an Oasis of protection with its substantial rubble mound breakwater. This protective barrier shields the harbor from the often unpredictable challenges of the river—be it wind-driven waves, boat wakes, or the currents of the Mississippi. Not only does it ensure a calm berthing experience, but it also adds an extra layer of security for the boat owners.

Marquis Harbor Marina underwent significant refurbishments in 2020 to continue offering its patrons the best. MariCorp, a renowned name in marina construction, replaced three open boat docks and two covered ones. This effort has revamped 54 of the 104 boat slips, underscoring the marina’s commitment to modernity.

Additionally, MariCorp added a convenient, easily accessible fuel dock. Its strategic placement ensures boat owners and operators have a hassle-free fueling experience.

The environs of the Marquis Harbor Marina are equally enchanting. With its rich history and vibrant community life, Moline offers a blend of recreational and cultural attractions. After a day of boating or fishing, visitors can explore the local eateries, museums, and parks that dot the city’s landscape. The marina’s proximity to the city’s attractions makes it an ideal spot for its patrons. 

With its Updated infrastructure and strategic location, Marquis Harbor Marina is not just a docking spot—it’s a destination. This marina promises an unmatched experience on the mighty Mississippi. If you haven’t visited yet, it’s high time you set sail for Marquis Harbor Marina.